Second Life for a Beehive Making Table Saw

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For about 40 years, I used my trusty second hand table saw to build all sorts of beekeeping equipment.  In 2018, decided to upgrade my saw and to sell my old saw.  I put a "For sale" sign on it at a very reasonable (almost free) price and placed it outside out store.  

After little interest was shown, Nicaragua came to mind!

For years I have been involved with The Nicaragua Bee Project (Click here for their Facebook page) and I knew the perfect person who could use this saw.  A beekeeper named Francisco who we have known from the beginning of the project.
Francisco on the right.

But how would I get it there?  Easy!  The Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas. located in nearby Stevens Point. The Partners of the Americas was inspired by President John F. Kennedy, who in 1963 launched the Alliance for Progress, a program of government-to-government economic cooperation across the Western Hemisphere.  Wisconsin was paired up with Nicaragua.  

The Partners regularly sends shipments of supplies to Nicaragua. 

Here is a group of Partner volunteers organizing and packing a shipment in their warehouse near Stevens Point, WI

Even more impressive is the joint effort between the Wisconsin Air National Guard and the Partners to send used fire fighting equipment for Nicaraguan fire departments.  Here are some local Wisconsin trucks being unloaded at the Augusto Sandino International Airport in Managua, Nicaragua.

Eventually my old friend, the table saw, arrived in Nicaragua!

I am happy that this saw will be used for making bee equipment, hopefully for many more years!  Here is a picture recently taken of the saw in use.