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Dancing Bear Honey will only be available at our store - Main Street Marketplace in Downtown Waupaca

All varieties available in-store

Store Hours 11-2 Tuesday -Saturday

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To ensure quality, our honey is only available here online or at our family's store, Main Street Marketplace in Downtown Waupaca.
Open Tuesday-Saturday 11-2
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Waupaca's Dancing Bear Honey

Since 1976, Dancing Bear Honey has offered pure, raw, unfiltered honey straight from our own bees to your table! Our honey is available exclusively at Main Street Marketplace(our store in Downtown Waupaca) and here at our online store

We are a small family-owned beekeeping farm in central Wisconsin. For over 40 years, we've been taking the greatest care in producing and harvesting our local raw honey (we also offer orange blossom and buckwheat honey from a couple of trusted beekeeper friends).

By carefully bottling all of our own honey, we ensure every jar of honey is in perfect condition right up to handing it over to you.

Created entirely by nature

We place our hives in woodland areas so our bees can collect nectar from naturally growing wildflowers. By carefully choosing where we keep our hives, we’re able to share with you a pure, raw honey just as the bees intended it.

From hive-to-bottle, we carefully handle our honey every step of the way. We never filter our honey (only lightly straining it to remove beeswax particles).

Because we carefully handle our honey from hive-to-bottle, it keeps the rich, fulfilling taste with all the nutritious benefits from the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that nature places there. All the flavor and healthful things that bees work so hard to put into the honey are still there. What could be more natural?

Real raw local honey

We'd love for you to try our comb honey, which is our favorite bee product to produce. Owner and beekeeper Kent Pegorsch likes to say "Comb honey is the best way to experience honey. Eating honey from the comb lets you experience the taste, aroma and beauty of honey straight from the hive. If I only did one thing with my bees, it would be comb honey."

Kent is not the only one who loves comb honey, and we think you'll be surprised if you try it!

"I put some comb honey on a cracker with some blue cheese and holy jumpin' Moses was it ever good. I did not expect that combination to work, but it was crazy with flavor like nothing I've tasted before." (Dancing Bear Customer)

Sustainably Bee & Solar Powered

Bee & Solar Powered

A bee's life revolves around the sun. Not only does the sun bring with it the flowers they visit for food, but they also use the sun for navigation.

Even when the sun is hidden by clouds, they've been shown to find their way by inferring the sun's position from patterns of light. They also adjust for the sun's movement during the day, ensuring they find their way home, and give good directions to other bees in the hive.

So we're thrilled that our Dancing Bear Apiary is powered by our 9kW solar system, which provides all of the electricity for our honey house and more. The excess it produces is used to offset our electricity costs at our historic store Main Street Marketplace in downtown Waupaca, Wisconsin.