Organic honey

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It's a good idea to buy organic food. Among other things, by doing so you're supporting pesticide-free environments for bees.

But in the continental U.S., it's impossible to certify honey as organic anywhere, simply because the bees' flying range is too great.

That doesn't mean you should simply buy organic honey from outside the U.S. though. You can still find good honey here by knowing your beekeeper.

Beehives in woodlands
Our beehives nestled in Waupaca woodland meadows

One of the things to look for is where your local beekeeper places their hives. Here in Waupaca, Wisconsin, we place our hives in woodland areas so our bees can collect nectar from naturally growing wildflowers.

By keeping our hives away from large agricultural areas, we help our bees stay healthy, keeping their honey pure and clean. It may not be certified organic honey, but it is safe, healthy, delicious, and raw.

Bees in their hive
We love our bees, and care about bringing you a naturally delicious, sweet treat

When you know your beekeeper, you'll know the person that handles your honey from the moment it leaves their hives until it reaches you.

Every step along the way is important, from caring for the bees to packaging their precious honey. Even processing the honey at the right temperature is critical (if it is over-heated or ultra-filtered, you lose out on some of raw honey's many natural health benefits).

We carefully extract, bottle, and store our honey on-site, ensuring you receive all the benefits and vital nutrients that our bees offer you… a naturally delicious, sweet treat.

Buying local honey supports family businesses and a happy, healthy population of local pollinators, whose benefits to our world extend far beyond honey itself. We love our bees! It may not be certified organic honey, but it is a far better (and tastier!) alternative to shipping honey from overseas when our own bees do it so well.