American Beekeeping Federation

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I just returned from the American Beekeeping Federation's annual conference. The conference is the best opportunity for beekeepers to learn about the latest research on how to keep our bees healthy as well as methods for producing the best honey. It is also a great to catch up with beekeeping friends from all over North America.

Two events made this year's conference special.  First, I had the honor of being elected to the ABF's Board of Directors.  I will be representing small scale and sideline beekeepers on the ABF Board as well as co-chairing the ABF Membership Committee.

Beekeeper Kent Pegorsch with Honey Queen and Honey Princess
Beekeeper Kent Pegorsch with Honey Queen and Honey Princess

Second, our Wisconsin Honey Producers Association's Honey Queen, Hannah Sjostrum, was elected American Honey Queen.  Hannah is a third generation beekeeper and will do a great job representing the industry over the next year.

As President of the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association, I am particularly proud of our queen program.  The program is a great professional development tool for these young women.  They work hard to promote honey and beekeeping.

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